Our "Why"

The story behind the brand


I LOVE Instagram! I mean---who doesn't want to stay connected to people through photos and videos!


Although these tools were made to provide us with efficient communication and information, we see an increasing amount of negativity through social media, leading to comparison instead of empowerment.

REIMPOWER aims to provide a positive platform with resources to help you ignite your strength from within and recognize to your fullest potential! 

I admit---I'm still learning each and every day! I may not have all the answers to your questions, but I believe in the power of rising together! I hope you take advantage of these resources and get on the path of REIMPOWER-ment!

Go get 'em,

you goal getter!

About Re,

Dream chaser, Goal-getter, Taco enthusiast.


I feel like you already know all about me with those three characteristics! But since we're here, let me elaborate about myself and my most dramatic, grandiose, going-all-in dream! 

First of all, my name is ReAnn! I was born and raised in a beautiful city in southern China until I moved to the United States at 9-years-old. I have navigated challenges of learning a new language, adapting to a new culture, and the meaning of being an immigrant in the Midwest. These challenges have cultivated my passion for empowering and leading others!


My goal is to build a customer-focused cosmetics company that provides a positive platform and empowers people to ignite their strength from within. I believe that in order to cultivate your confidence, you have to find your spark and radiate that light from the inside out.

I hope you'll follow my journey as I create content that REIMPOWERs you to navigate the stages of life and achieve your fullest potential! 

With love,



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