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Beauty on a Budget #1: Colourpop Cosmetics

If you've been sleeping on Colourpop, time to W A K E U P!

Whether you're searching for eye shadow pallets or that perfect pout, Colourpop Cosmetics is your one-stop beauty destination! The best part? The price for the quality of their products is unbelievably affordable!

With many affordable options of liquid lipsticks, highlighters, and their famous SuperShock Shadows, ColourPop is rapidly rising to the top of everyone's favorite makeup list! The company is continuously revamping and improving their products. Not to mention that ColourPop is one of the most affordable CRUELTY-FREE cosmetics brands.

"We pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and bunny approved."

Some of my favorite Colourpop products are the No Filter Concealers ($6), eye shadow pallets, LUX lipsticks--Honestly, you can't go wrong!

Check out some of ColourPop's goodies on their website, which ships domestically in the U.S. and internationally! First time customers will receive $5 off (this will save you a lot!).

Stay tuned for a full blog on all of my favorite Colourpop products!

Happy saving!


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