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Czech this out! My decision to spend a semester in Prague

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Spending a semester abroad has been at the top of my college to-do list even before I started college. My mom instilled the travel bug in me since I was young and I knew it was something I had to take advantage of. But a semester in Prague? That was something I didn't originally plan for. I refer to it as my leap of Faith!

When I first began my research, I was overwhelmed by the number of program options! I didn't know what I wanted to pursue, but I was certain of one thing--I was going to spend a semester in Italy.

Yep. That was not a typo! For months, I had this stock photo of Florence hanging up on my bulletin board, reminding me of the exhilarating journey ahead.

I had selected a program that would allow me to gain work experience while soaking up the experiences of Italy! So instead of studying abroad, I would be interning abroad! It was the whole package! My mind was spinning with endless possibilities and I was spreading the word about my once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Until it didn't happen.

You could imagine my devastation when my adviser told me that the program in Florence wouldn't be able to fulfill the amount of credit hours that I needed. Nonetheless, I kept my head held high and looked into the program in Rome. At least I'd still be in Italy, right? Nope. Apparently, 40-hour work weeks are out of the ordinary for full time Italian employees. With 15 days left in my deadline, I had to relocate or else my hopes to be abroad during college would remain just as that.

After given a handful of cities that had 40-hour/week internships, I researched the different locations but my mind was still hung up about Italy. It's cheesy to say, but I felt like I just went through a break up! I had to take some time to process and clear my mind. Eventually, I decided on the Marketing program in Prague.

My pre-departure journey has truly been an act of faith. With 15 days left until my departure to Prague, Czech Republic, I've never been more confident in my decision.

Turns out, Prague is the hidden gem of Europe! The exchange rate of the Czech Krona is a lot better than the Euro, so the internship program turned out to be a lot more affordable! I was also reassured by people who visited and came back with more than enough positive comments! Prague has been described as "real-life Disney world" with their abundance of castles and stunning architecture. It is also known as one of the safest cities, too!

This last week, I've been (attempting to) learn Czech and binge watching videos of Prague on YouTube. The channel called The Honest Guide has provided a lot of candid tips along with the best places to eat/visit!

~Czech~ out their channel if you want a little taste of what my semester will be like!


Do your research. After that, do MORE research to dig into the "fine-print" information! Ask your adviser the hard questions. Don't feel like you're annoying them by calling/emailing constantly, it's their job to answer your questions!

Rule of thumb:

Better to know too much ahead of time than too little, too late.

Keep in mind:

Just because things didn't go the way you expected, doesn't mean they weren't meant to happen!

My next challenge is to fit 3 months worth of clothes in a suitcase! Stay connected by subscribing to my newsletter for more updates and pictures of my semester abroad!



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