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Sustainable Self-Care Items--On a Budget!

“Reduce, reuse, and recycle!”

We’ve all heard that phrase many times as our society continues to move towards missions of environmental sustainability. I’ve made several conscious changes in my life to eliminate my carbon footprint. For example, bringing my own reusable bags to eliminate the use of plastic bags at the groceries store! But how do we apply this system into our personal lives? It is important that we don’t neglect to take care of ourselves. Continuing from the How to Invest in Yourself blogs, this post will demonstrate 3 ways to help you invest in sustainable self-care items on a budget!

1. Bamboo Toothbrushes: $6

Most of us have seen the devastating videos on Facebook of the sea turtles getting caught in plastic debris floating in our oceans. Why switch? Regular toothbrushes are made of purely plastic, which means they will be floating in the oceans for centuries to come! Bamboo toothbrushes are made of biodegradable material with organic bristles to help clean your teeth and save the sea turtles!

2. Reusable Microfiber Cloths: $5

I am guilty of repurchasing cotton pads, facial and disinfecting wipes in the past without a thought about how much waste they contribute!

The amount of waste really adds up when you consider the number of times we use these common household items, plus the plastic packaging they come in! Reusable microfiber cloths have multipurpose of cotton pads, facial wipes, and disinfecting wipes, all in one!

3. Shampoo Bars: $5-$12

I’ve made the sustainable switch to shampoo bars from using regular shampoo about 3 months ago and I have not looked back!

"Each bar can last up to 30 washes without harming the environment!"

Shampoo bars removes the plastic bottle from the equation and is simply used as a soap bar for your hair! I used to be skeptical until I tried the shampoo bars from LUSH! They have different types of bars that cater to your hair style. Each bar can last up to 30 washes without harming the environment! Plus, shampoo bars are easy to travel with and more efficient to store than the hulky shampoo bottles. I also purchased a reusable tin container to store my bar for $3!

Get Inspired

I hope this blog inspired you to take action on making conscious changes in your life to reduce your carbon footprint! If you have a friend or a neighbor who has been hesitant to make the switch to environmentally-friendly products, share my recommendations with them via email and Facebook!

Your body and the environment will thank you!

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