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Feelin' Twenty-Too Blessed to be Stressed in Budapest

Bet you were Hungary for more travel puns! You Buda-believe that I'm not shying away from them anytime soon! ; )

Parliament of Budapest

On October 10th, I celebrated my 22nd birthday a world away from my family and close friends. Although the distance might seem great, it did not affect the amount of love that I received. I spent the day at work where my co-workers surprised me with flowers and burcak (young Moravian wine that I can't get enough of), then celebrated the night with some of my closest friends that I've gotten know in the last month!

The next morning, a group of us took a bus to Budapest, Hungary where I continuously felt too blessed to be stressed! I'll be touching on our adventures from the weekend along with things you should know when traveling to Budapest!

Our bus departed Prague at around 6AM. The total bus trip took about 7.5 hours. After a long bus ride, the first thing we did when we got off the bus was scarf down a kebab! Luckily, the kebab stand accepted card payments, so we were able to satisfy our hunger for the time being.

Tip #1: Hungarian Currency: Forints (1 USD = about 300 Hungarian Forints)

After our kebabs, we downloaded an app called Bolt, the taxi service in Hungary, to take us to our hostel in the city center. Our Bolt driver was a kind Hungarian man who played traditional Hungarian music with his disco lights located in his center console! This man knew the meaning of exceptional customer service and it was one heck of a ride!

Tip#2: Do NOT get into a Taxi in Budapest unless it is through Bolt.

When we arrived at our hostel, the directors informed us that the local taxis are runned by the mafia. The safest option is to get a taxi through Bolt or use public transportation!

The hostel we stayed at was one like no other! I should've known that we were in for a treat when we paid $20 for 2 nights! And boy, did the RETOX Party Hostel live up to its name! During our stay, the hostel had organized a pub crawl on Friday night and a party bus + Sparty (Spa Party) for Saturday night! The lively atmosphere made it easy for our group to connect with others, but I'll let you fill in the blanks to guess what happened when the parties died down for the night!

During our weekend, we were able to see the Fisherman's Bastion, walk across the famous Chain Bridge, admire the Parliament building, and spend a day at the Széchenyi Spa!

Although we were able to see a lot of Budapest in 48 hours, it was not enough!

Tip #3: Stay in Budapest for more than 48 hours!

We were ready to check out of our party hostel but there was still so much to do! I recommend that if you are traveling to Budapest, extend your stay so you can peacefully enjoy the spas and take in everything that Budapest has to offer!

Here are some photos of the stunning architecture in Budapest!

The weekend in Budapest was short, but it definitely was not short of fun! Out of the cities that I've been to in Europe, Budapest had me pinching myself! I felt beyond grateful to have celebrated my birthday surrounded by wonderful company and breathtaking views. It is most definitely on my list to come back and you should add it to the top of your list!

Next stop: Croatia!!!

Stay grateful!


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