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Hygge and Happy in Copenhagen

Hygge: a Danish word to describe the coziness and comfort of an environment. Also associated with contentment. Most prominently found in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The atmosphere of Copenhagen is truly special. They even have their own word to describe it! I traveled with 10 (!!) of my friends for a 2-day trip and it was nothing short of amazing!

Weekend Recap:

Ate at Mad & Kaffe (great brunch spot)

Walked around Nyhavn

FriendShips Boat Rentals during the sunset

Visited the Rosenborg Castle and Gardens

Climbed the Spiral Tower (Church of Our Savior)

Explored the city center/shopped for souvenirs

Copenhagen will definitely hold a special place in my heart. It is truly one of those places that people tell you to visit but you will never fully ~feel the hygge~ until you experience it for yourself! There were so many beautiful sites and experiences, but the highlight of our weekend was renting a boat from FriendShips and cruising down the canal during the sunset! I think I can speak on behalf of my group that our hearts grew a little and our cheeks are a little sore from smiling all weekend!

Although Copenhagen matched the definition of perfection, not every trip is perfect. We had some hiccups that we definitely learned from, especially for traveling in big groups!

Travel Tips for Denmark:

1. Exchange currency ahead of time

2. If you are only traveling for the weekend, purchase the central city pass for 48 hours. ( I made the mistake of purchasing for the large city pass for 72 hours and it was unnecessary and expensive!)

3. Check the weather! It was windier and colder than we expected since Copenhagen is close to the water!

4. Get a hostel that's close to the city center! We stayed at Generator Copenhagen and it was the perfect distance of a 15-minute walk to Nyhavn and 10 minutes to the Rosenborg Castle!

5. Check in to your airline BEFORE arriving at the airport! Trust me, it will save you money and the hassle!

This weekend has made me SO excited for the rest of my time abroad. It's crazy to put my worldview in perspective to the number of things I have yet to experience, cities to visit, and people to meet.

Next stop: Munich, Germany!

'Til next time,


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