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I've been Rome-in' around...

Roma, Italia. A city where traces of history, art, and faith surround every street corner. Don't be surprised when you see buildings from the 7th century and 21st century in the same street!

Rome is famous for it's historical attractions! Along with the vast list of world famous sites, there will surely be a vast sea of tourists at all times of the year! It can be overwhelming trying to catch the highlights of Rome while trying to navigate through the endless crowds.

I've put together this blog with recommendations and tips to help you get the most out of your trip! These tips will help you avoid little mistakes and things I wished I would've known before coming to Rome.

If you are planning a trip to Rome for the weekend, my #1 recommendation is to have an agenda - even if it's a loose one!

Think planning is overrated? When in Rome, think again! The lines... (sorry, I just had a moment) are the WORST of all the 13 places I've visited this semester! If you only have one weekend in Rome, don't waste your day away by waiting in line to see the Vatican City or the Colosseum.

My mom and I didn't have a full plan, but we had ideas of what we wanted to see. We picked out 3 attractions for the weekend and booked them ahead of time on GetYourGuide.com. And boy, am I glad we did!

We bought our tickets to see the Roman Colosseum (required to have a reservation), and the Vatican City (we bought the skip-the-lines + entry package). Doing this ahead of time saved us a lot of time! Plus, the weather for the weekend was rainy, so we would've ended up wet and impatient!

Tip #2: Transportation to and from the airport

Our hotel was located in the city center, which was about 55 minutes away from the airport! When we arrived, we had no idea how we were going to get from point A to point B! And let me just preface... There is no easy way. The journey will take more than one more of transportation, so make sure to leave a buffer if you have reservations to get to! There will be signs and people to help you get on the right bus or train. Don't worry, most of them will speak English and greet you with a friendly smile!

Tip #3: Bring comfy shoes!

My last tip is regarding the transportation to and around the city. When I was planning the trip, I looked into purchasing RomaPasses which included transportation passes for the weekend plus one free attraction for 28 euro. After reading some reviews, I decided against them - and I'm so glad I did!

Aside from our two main attractions, we were also able to see many things just by walking around the city. In the span of an hour, we were able to walk from our hotel (which is right by the Trevi Fountain) to Saint Peter's Basilica!

Things we did:

- Trevi Fountain x3

- Colosseum

- Ate a whole pizza by myself

- Vatican Museums

- Admired Basilica of Saint Peter

- Castel d'Sant Angelo

- Pantheon

- Piazza Navona

- Spanish steps

- Shopped for wine

- Ate (a lotto) gelato

The only time we used the public transportation was to get to and from the airport. It was so efficient to walk around. Plus it made for great sight seeing, too!

BONUS TIP: Navigating the Vatican City!

The Vatican City is the smallest, yet most spiritual place in the world! We met a couple from Wisconsin at our hotel who gave us a helpful FREE guide to help us navigate the Vatican. It made my trip so much more worthwhile to listen to the audio recording while observing the pieces within the Vatican Museums! I don't think I would've understood the significance behind each statue and art piece if it wasn't for this guide!

I walked around the museums with the audio guide on my phone, but I recommend downloading it ahead of time to avoid the loss of signal!

Check it out here!

Our weekend was in Rome was a treat -- and I'm not just talking about the gelato! I wish I had more than 36 hours to fully soak in every aspect of this historical treasure!

I hope you get a chance to 'Rome' around this city and witness it's charm! Keep my recommendations and tips in mind and be sure to let me about your weekend in the comments!

Stay adventurous!

- Re

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