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How To Invest in Yourself--On a Budget!

Whether it’s the beginning of a new year or the beginning of June, this blog post will give you the opportunity and the resources to invest in your health, happiness, and lifestyle without breaking the bank!

Where do you feel most in your element? Mine is listening to a podcast with a nice hot cup of coffee! There's no shame in taking a little time for yourself! Remember, always put yourself first!

Investing in yourself should NOT be a chore!

The New Year's resolutions trend has come and gone but many people still have the urge to make refreshing changes to improve their lifestyle habits. Those same people (like me!) often feel discouraged by the financial burden of readjusting their routines. I'm here to tell you that investing in yourself should NOT be a chore!

Here are 3 simple lifestyle changes that I've made to put myself first and boost my confidence!

1. Fuel Your Brain with Podcasts!

Podcasts are audio recordings that can be found on most smartphone devices. I see them as a world of knowledge and resources right at the palm of your hands! Whether you’re looking for new ways to cook easy meals, advice for getting a job, or need a boost of motivation, there will be a podcast that fulfills your needs.

My favorite podcasts are about building confidence from authors/entrepreneurs such as Jenna Kutcher and Rachel Hollis. Listening to a podcast feels like a personal life coach standing next to you, pushing you to be your best self! Most of the time, you’ll find exclusive deals and be connected to other resources by simply listening to a podcast. The best part? Podcasts are free!

2. Take Advantage of Online Deals!

Put away the scissors, sisters! With today’s technological advancements, there are so many ways to get great deals online--without clipping coupons! My secret for saving money while shopping is an app called Honey. Honey is a free tool that generates discount codes and deals for the specific website you’re shopping on and applies the discounts to your cart with the click of a button! Can’t get much better than that!

Another way to save money is by applying for the Target RedCard. If you’re a frequent Target shopper like me, you need the RedCard! Target offers free shipping for RedCard holders and 5% off on all of your purchases! You’d be surprised by how much 5% adds up to over time!

3. De-clutter Your Mind!

Calling all the overachievers! Give yourself a break and de-clutter your mind!

Sometimes, you can’t do it all by yourself--and that’s O.K.! Good thing there are free tools to help us organize our lives like Google Calendar. Google Calendar helps keep track of your schedule, all of your events, meetings and phone calls so you don’t have to. It is also an easy way to get an overview of your day. Is your Google Calendar showing that you have a busy day coming up? Meditate before bed or in the morning to clear your mind and prep for your big day! My favorite resources for free guided meditation is an app called Headspace and videos on Youtube. Meditating for 10 minutes at night helps me decompress from the day and get a restful sleep. Try it out, the results might surprise you!

These are some of my favorite tips and tricks about how I invest in myself while staying on a budget! Try these tips out for yourself and I’d love to hear how they have affected your life! Stay connected to hear about future blog posts by subscribing to the email alias.

Next week, we will be discovering beauty hacks on a budget!

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