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Invest in Your Style--On a Budget!

Do you like to buy new things without spending a lot of money? Me too!

As a college student, I’ve found that it has become increasingly difficult to resist the line of new products and clothing that is released at the beginning of a new season. With a budget of a college student, it’s unrealistic to go out and purchase a new wardrobe every season! Last week, we went over some tips and tricks about how to invest in yourself. This week, we will be diving in specifically on how you can switch up your style just in time for spring--and on a budget, of course! Regardless of what stage of life you are currently facing, here are some tips that allow you to invest in your style on a budget!

1. Point-System Loyalty Programs

My favorite program for cosmetics products is the Ulta Beauty loyalty program. The characteristic that sets Ulta apart from all of the competitors is their points system. Along with getting free samples, every dollar you spend using your loyalty account contributes to a point. After gathering points for a period of time, you will get cash back on purchases. A fast way to rack up points is using their app to activate bonus point deals! On one of my trips, I redeemed $125 in points and was able to get some amazing skincare products! Keep an eye out for loyalty programs with a points system to save while you spend!

2. BOGO: Buy One Give One

This is a traditional trick of mine, especially with the limited amount of space that college closets offer. Whenever I purchase a new clothing item, I look through my closet to see if there’s anything that I haven’t worn in a while. For each new item that I purchase, I give away an item. I know that you think that you’ll probably wear it again, but my golden rule is that if you haven’t thought about it until now--you probably won’t think about it again. Gather up your items and make a trip to Goodwill or a donation center. Your donation will make someone very happy!

3. Thrifting

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors of waste.

Speaking of Goodwill, thrift shopping is a great way to get gently used items for 70-90% off retail prices. Instead of buying ripped jeans to keep up with the vintage trend at Free People, check out your local thrift shop for the same style for way less! Thrift shopping also contributes to sustainability and environmental justice! Finding new items at the thrift store will help you get a new wardrobe for less and help the environment!

Get Inspired

Regardless of your financial standing, remember to always invest in yourself! There’s nothing more important than prioritizing your well-being and taking care of your mind, body, and soul!

Do you know someone that loves to purchase new items without spending an arm and a leg? Use the button below to share this blog with your friends to let them know about the ways to invest in yourself and your style--on a budget!

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